Drive fabulously: 12 Airplane Beauty Hacks

Traveling by plane can be an exhausting experience, but only if you go on an unprepared journey! It's hard to look good after spending more than a few hours in the air, with all the temperature drops, dehydration and inability to sleep well. However, travel professionals have learned to overcome most of the problems during the flight and that means you can do it! Here are 12 plane beauty hacks to travel fabulously no matter what.

Take a sleep mask
Not getting enough sleep is why we look so tired and disheveled after a long flight. Forget about the sleeping masks they give you on board and decide on your own (and stylish!) Sleep mask. That way, you'll look fresh and rested when your plane lands.

Keep your hair tied back
Yes, we know you like your hair and how it flows freely over your shoulders, but believe us, it is best to tie them in a sweet knot in an airplane – this way you avoid being completely disheveled when landing to become . And you do not have to worry while you're sleeping, getting messy!

Chapstick is a must
You've probably noticed that the air in an airplane is incredibly dry. This not only means your skin, but also your lips are all broken up! To avoid this beauty disaster, pack a moisturizing chamomile and make sure your lips do not get too dry while in the air.

Refresh with a little bergamot oil
Aromatherapy has been back in the game for quite some time, so why not on the plane? Choose your favorite flavor and take a small bottle with you. It's great to put some essential oil with bergamot or lemon grass on your wrists during the flight or after landing. You will both feel refreshed and at the same time smell fantastic!


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