Eight signs to watch out for when you become his wife

If you want to commit sensationally and look for a long-term relationship, you will sooner or later want to understand whether you are "the only one" with whom he imagines his future. Some of these clues help you to overcome and discover this fear.

No psychological games
He will not play psychological games, but there will be "and if …". And if they offered you a job in another city? And if I decided to put roots? Would you take the risk? Any questions that you will probably understand when you are ready to take the big step.

You are a team
When he talks about the words he uses, he refers to the plural and changes from "I" to "us" to "our". It is no longer the lonely wolf that decides for you, but you share your life and make no important decisions without talking to your partner.

He invites you to meet his family
One of the clearest evidences of a boy who wants to settle down is to introduce him to his reluctant family and then to the entire extended family, uncle of his uncle or aunt. It is an almost unmistakable sign that you have serious intentions. She wants you to know her parents, her brothers and even her uncles, cousins, grandparents and so on. Your future with him is assured.

The things that are important to you are also important to him
Remembering the little things makes a difference. The man you visit pays attention to you and everything you say. Never forget your birthday, your birthday or another important birthday for you. Pay attention to the small changes in your dress, your hair, your mood, and keep in mind if you avoid it. For him you are the most important person, and therefore everything that matters to you is counted as good or bad.

It is your shield
He becomes jealous when talking about another man. It is protected against you, but never possessive and ensures that you are not injured in any way. It does not mean that you take control, but that what happens behind it will be behind it to look behind you. It will protect you from everything and everyone, without thinking about it, and not even thinking of hurting you.

You are not just an adventure
Make sure you are not a simple act for him. And if this is one of your chances, stop playing with your heart and waste your trust with those who do not deserve it and you should regain lost time. It is important to define boundaries and expectations from the beginning.

Sharing is to love
It is an open book. You can talk easily and share your feelings with you. They know his hobbies, his friends and his obligations. There are no secrets among you and he loves sharing his life with you, talking to you about how he feels and what he thinks. Tell yourself what you want to do with your head, and this only strengthens your bondage.

Trust your instinct
If your instinct tells you that after all that you have spent together, it is not the right thing to do, do nothing. If you think you are not the same, you do not have to call out. If you need to take other roads, you should drive better before. If you think he is the man who makes you, your intuition and your instincts will tell you very clearly whether your future is with him.

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