Emojis will be on our way in 2019, and they are more diverse

It's a new year, which means a new emoji to bless our keyboards. This is the sixth major update for the Emoji keyboard since 2014 and will not disappoint. After all variations have been considered, a total of 230 new emojis will be added. The main difference in the 2019 update is diversity and inclusion.

Including in 2019

Last year, Apple proposed a new suite of accessibility emojis to the Unicode Consortium, the organization that manages Emoji standards. "Apple calls for the addition of Emoji to better serve people with disabilities, and at present, emojis offer a wide range of options, but they can not be the experience of people with disabilities," Apple said in its proposal.


And boy, Unicode has delivered. This year, many new accessibility emojis are being added, including people with probing rods, people with manual and motorized wheelchairs, the deaf, mechanical limbs and guide dogs.

Dive deeper into the diversity

People with disabilities were not the only ones included in the new Emoji version. For the first time, sex-specific emojis have been added to the mix that hold hands. So far, only men and women have seen emoji with hands.

YouTube / Emojipedia

In addition, the emoji hands are supported by a wide range of skin tones, giving interracial couples appropriate representation.

Flamingos and orangutans and sloths, oh my!

And what would Emojis of course be without oddly specific feed or animal supplements. After all, you never really know when to put a sloth emoji in the conversation to keep things interesting. The recent polar vortex that traverses the Midwestern United States also justifies the place of the ice cube at the new Emoji launch.

Twitter / Emojipedia

Other notable animals for the new update are Flamingo, orangutan, Oyster and Otter. As for items, a parachute, Jojo and "ringed" planet"(Think Saturn) also make their debut.

Watch the video below to see all the new emojis for 2019.


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