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Emotional reunion between Lion's sibling and human "Mom"


Could you imagine hugging a lion? What about kisses? Snuggles? That's exactly what Michaela Zimanova gets every time she visits the lions she raised. Now, recordings of their reunion are making waves over the internet!

The life-changing rescue mission

It's not often that you hear stories of lions being raised by humans, but in this case, this sibling was their only option. When Malkia and Adelle were only boys, her mother gave her up. The young lions could not take care of themselves and could easily have fallen into the wrong hands because of their past.

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Her parents were forced to perform in circuses across Europe, which has proven to be psychologically devastating. Had the twins followed the same lifestyle as their parents, they would probably have lived a miserable life in captivity. However, a rescue organization decided to change the story of the siblings.

Michaela became her new mother

When the Big Cat Rescue Center in Slovakia heard about the difficult start of the siblings, they knew that they needed to intervene to raise the boys in a safe and happy environment. They pulled the cute lions into Malkia Park to raise them. Although it is hard to believe that humans and lions could enter into such an intimate relationship, the friendly lions were immediately tied to their caregivers.

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In particular, a caretaker formed an intense connection with the boys. Michaela Zimanova spent years looking after the Lions because they were their children. Today she calls her her "godchildren". Even as adult lions, the giant cats have an immense love for humans that gave them their love when they were abandoned. And recently, Big Cat Rescue released incredible shots of Michaela welcoming her darling!

Her extremely emotional reunion

In the video, Michaela approaches the enclosure of Malkia and Adelle and is immediately greeted by her now four-year-old lion cubs. While Malia and Adelle wondered why they did not cuddle the lions too long, Malka and Adelle wrapped their paws around Michaela to show their affection for them. And she did not hesitate to love the cute creatures again.

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The video of her precious welcome, complete with kisses and purring, touches hearts on the internet. While the footage like a reunion Years in the making, Big cat rescue claims that Michaela comes to the park to visit the cats almost three times a month. But the love the lions have shown to Michaela feels too much at any time!


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