Engagement photos that make you laugh

Her engagement is the perfect opportunity to take pictures of herself and the love of her life in a romantic fairytale land, a world of soft pastel shades and soft sharpness, falling petals and open worship fields. But why? Maybe you're having so much fun, such as Twitter user @sonni_nicolette, who shared the most epic photo of an engagement ring out there. Her fiancé is shouting beside her as they descend down Disneyland Splash Mountain, but she knows how to focus: she even overshadows these guys when they go to Wakanda: quite differently, these two guys in Wakanda will be allowed to open them Space to meet Mountain 😂😂😂 Congratulations tho! pic.twitter.com/LniDKLeKPf- Tony Jones (@ Realdealdude2) July 9, 2018

Sonni follows a long line of people who made fun of their engagement photos, rather than dirty ones, and we appreciate them. There are so many possibilities for images that will make people laugh, like photos that capture it, but the "it" is not love: do not worry, the bride had a sense of humor, like all brides: how about it Photo that recognizes the subtext of the next step in your relationship: It's just so hard to resist the likes: If you think you have a good idea for an engagement photo, but not a partner, do not despair. We can celebrate every achievement in life with a ridiculous photo shoot:

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