Engineers went in search of diamonds

For centuries humanity has proven time and again that it can change nature with technology and raw material extraction. And because they are often harmful, Mother Nature fights back. Just ask these Russian geologists who have suffered the wrath of Mother Nature after performing a routine mine clearance. This is a case when some things are really not worth it.

Try to keep the country alive

After the Second World War, the Soviet government needed to find more ways to support its struggling economy. As the nation collapsed, the Soviet authorities thought of a new way to keep the country alive: in search of diamonds and gold in the dangerous Siberian wilderness.

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Make the dangerous journey

Three geologists – Yuri Khabardin, Ekaterina Elagina and Viktor Avdeenko – embarked on a dangerous journey into the Siberian wilderness. After a journey of 5,000 miles, they finally discovered something worth the trip: a huge vein of volcanic rock, kimberlite. The rich mineral was the Jackpot prize for the Soviet government, and then officials decided to send the geologists to a mine clearance.

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A deadly expedition

The geologists started a dangerous mine of three years to look for more treasures. The scientists hoped that they would discover more gems like the kimberlite, but the expedition soon became deadly. Because of the harsh Siberian winter weather and climate, the geologists were helpless against Mother Nature. Even the dynamite and jet engines could not penetrate the permafrost layers.

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Warm weather did not help

You'd think the warm weather would help, but it was the opposite. As the warm weather rolled around, the permafrost melted and created a gigantic hole of mud that sucked the men and their machines in the depths. The hole was getting deeper and it quickly showed strange features, like the sucking of everything that was in sight. It was like a black hole on the earth.

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The end of the road

This was, of course, a deadly and horrific event. Soviet officials lost their geologists and money on the expedition. But the hole finally stopped growing. In 1960, Russia opened its mineral mine, called the Me mineand it is now the largest mineral mine in the world. At the end of the sixties, the mine produced 10 million carats of diamonds a year, making the Russian Government. But was it really worth sacrificing life? We let you decide for yourself.

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