Everyday items that you should definitely get rid of

Even if you are not a hunter, there is a chance that you might have some items lying around in the house without which you would be better. Some items have proven to be dangerous, so we'll go over the list of the five things in your home that you should throw out immediately.

Ditch the Plastic

While it is more practical to use plastic cups and cutlery than to wash a ton of permanent cutlery, it is very damaging to the environment. Put away the plastic and take the time to rinse and load the dishwasher or wash your dishes by hand instead of filling the local landfill with all your unnecessary garbage.


Keep an eye on these cables

These surge protectors are certainly handy. You can connect six utilities at the same time! Do not go too crazy with plugging in all these cables. The surge protector can not even stop the strongest extension cords from triggering a fire in your home. Unplug additional accessories when not in use to avoid hazards.

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Eject expired makeup

Expired makeup products can lead to a number of health problems, such as acne or even pink eyes! They will not protect you as they should. Expired sunscreen does not protect you from the sun, and old BB creams or foundations look more like a greasy, sheer protection for your skin. Throw it out and refill it to avoid scary skin problems.

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Replace impure shower curtains

Most people put on that sheer shower curtain and do not even think about replacing it until all the floor is covered with mold. But be careful. What you may think of as soap stains is really a breeding ground for bacteria. Replace your shower curtains regularly or wash them regularly with soda and vinegar.

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Decrypt your magazine surplus

Can you say fire danger? With today technologyThere is no reason to keep all these paper business cards. And even less a reason to keep old magazines. Go through your offer, highlight or tear out the items you really want to keep (but not all) and then recycle those jerks!



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