Eye-Popping Food Creations have taken it to the ultimate level

Passion for food? Do you appreciate a high quality presentation? Well, move around and make room for dishes with a side of hipster. Full of presumption, artisanal and alternative serving, restaurants have no shame when it comes to addressing hipster in-crowd. You can not be sure how to eat it, or are afraid to ask if it is even really edible.

Can not decide what to eat, Fahgettaboudit!

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out whether to eat a pizza or take a bite at the sushi bar. Enter the hipster solution for a foodie dilemma, the sushi pizza. If you're not sure whether it's hot, cold, or if it's a straightforward food blasphemy, you're right.


Heart attack in cheese and calories wrapped

There is nothing more American than cheeseburger, bacon and grilled cheese sandwiches. So why not create a meal? ménage à trois? The ultimate challenge with gusto pieces that end up in a hospital for a heart attack, this bacon-wrapped mozzarella cheeseburger with grilled cheese buns proves that not all hipsters are militantly vegan. Do you feel your arteries are already clogging?


When eggs and potatoes have a love child

Potatoes and eggs are as wonderful as a pair of peas and carrots. Enjoyed for breakfast, brunch or snack in the late evening, they are an absolute favorite. However, eggs and potatoes were not left unharmed by a hipster transformation. A Chicago chef created hash brown-coated deep-fried eggcups. How do these eggs manage to get into these rösti so well? Hipster magic.


Needs something green

Call it old-fashioned and uncool to enjoy a simple guacamole with avocados. Nothing is sacred when it comes to choosing hipster food because there is always room for improvement with healthier alternatives. If it was not scary enough to spot a cauliflower and cabbage taco, Kaleamole introduced it to a grocery store near you.


A little taste of brine

There are many sayings about suffering for art or the arts Beauty of the connection of art and foods for the eye and the palate. But art can also take things too far when the stomach touches the back. Hipsters are not afraid of shock value. Maybe eating in a shoe is a kind of courage?

Chow time never looked so confusing:



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