Fast-thinking siblings save couples and newborns

Imagine the following: You drive too late to work on the highway. Suddenly you see a vehicle changing lanes and another car on the road evading. The car that was struck was not only pushed off the road, but thrown into a moat. What do you do? Go on and call the police or pull over to help?

For two siblings in Florida, the answer was a breeze.

Hit-and-run crash lets car be knocked over in the pond

Aaron Allen and Jolisa Jones drove an Ashley Furniture van on Interstate I-75, two hours late for work when they saw a white Chrysler 300 blindside at Toyota RAV4. The driver of the Chrysler fled the scene. Fortunately, without hesitation, the siblings came into action.

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"I saw the water seeping into the car where it was turned upside down," Allen Fox told 13 News. "We tried to open the windows, but that did not work, the only thing I could think of was turning the car over."

It's a good thing they did. The quick thoughts of the siblings not only saved the lives of Thomas and Diana Windsor, but also the life of their 11-day-old daughter Azara.

Man breaks car windshield to release captured passengers

Allen remembered seeing the car overturned and immediately thinking of his own 14-month-old daughter.

I looked through the windshield [and saw] the father was curled up around the baby. Protect the baby, "he said.


Allen and his sister immediately tried to turn the car over and successfully brought it to his side. Allen then wrapped a T-shirt around his fist to break the windshield, an act that eventually freed the couple and their baby.

Family and baby saved from near-death experience

The Windsors, who were on their way home from a doctor's visit at the time of the accident, later said that during captivity they felt the car was starting to move and knew someone was trying to help.


Certainly it was one traumatizing experience for all involved. Fortunately, everyone involved could leave the near-death experience with minimal physical injury (Allen had to get 14 stitches in his arm).

Although the brothers and sisters They started their busy day by getting home so late that they can now look back lovingly and know they've finished as heroes.


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