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First responders swear by these helpful hurricane hacks


The hurricane season comes every year. To ensure people's safety, first responders from across the country have contributed to a list of security attacks that will help your family if you survive the storm. Keep in mind that these tips are suitable for natural disasters, so you do not have to live in a hurricane country to follow them.

Water, water everywhere

Maintaining fresh water is essential in every storm, especially in hurricanes. You can fill your bathtub and sink with fresh water, and Ziploc bags, which you can then store in the freezer. Also fill up the pitchers you have, not just for drinking. Find out what else you can do with water jugs!


Let it be light

Firefighters are not fans of candlelight in natural disasters. The risk of fire is too great. Instead, stick a torch or a spotlight on a full water jug. This leaves a soft but enlightening ambient light shining through the darkness of the storm.


Take out the garbage

Not everyone has sandbags ready. To prevent floods from ruining your home, you can improvise your own sandbags. All you need are heavy garbage bags filled with water, which you can also fill with fine gravel or gravel. Make barriers in front of all doors to prevent ingress of water.


Ice cream, ice cub

Concerned that food and drinks stay cold during a hurricane? Open your washing machine and pack it with ice. You should get it all off first. This trick will keep your drinks icy and add extra water if needed. Just let the ice melt.


Check the freezer

Place a dime or nickel on an ice cube in your ice cube tray before the storm. Check the coin after the storm. If you notice that it has sunk further into the ice cube, it means that everything in the freezer compartment has thawed at some point, so the food is not safe.

How do you get through? stormy weather for sure? Share your hurricane hacks and fouls Weather Tips too!




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