Five animals with fascinating hidden abilities

Humans make up only a small fraction of the Earth's intelligent creatures. When it comes to the entire animal kingdom, some creatures are so intriguing that it is difficult to understand their abilities. Many defy reality with superhuman speed, resilience, wild regenerative abilities, remarkable memory, and more. These are five incredible creatures with abilities beyond what we humans can do.

Axolotls can regrow their limbs

While Axolotls look neat, these dragon-like creatures are more than just the eye. These fascinating reptiles can lose limbs, fingers, vital organs and more and regenerate with ease. Scientists have spent decades studying this endangered species to understand what gives them such incredible regenerative abilities. According to National Geographic, Axolotl use their glial cells to regrow body parts and repair them from memory. Pretty unbelievable, right?

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Squirrels have a crazy memory

The memory of a squirrel is a miracle. First, squirrels have an incredible spatial memory. In fact, they can remember the hidden places of up to 10,000 nuts! In addition, squirrels retain memories of tasks. In a study from the University of Exeter, a group of gray squirrels could recall what action they should take to preserve hazelnuts in their laboratory, even after two years of testing. These rodents can seamlessly remember locations and techniques, especially when food is an incentive.

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Spiders produce milk (and it's better than cow's milk)

It is hard to imagine that it is something like a spider producing milk. Similar to mother cows with their calves, spiders release milk for their future babies. New scientists have shown that when a spider lays its eggs, some of the milk that its children rely on after birth for nutrition is let out. As it turns out, spider's milk contains a considerable amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins. In fact, it exceeds the nutritional value of cow's milk!

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Alligators could potentially live forever

While the lifespan of most creatures on earth can be estimated, alligators are a special case. In contrast to humans and other animals, alligators do not pass away from old age. Rather, they can only be killed by illness, hunger, hunting or other physical trauma. Unfortunately, most alligators grow so massively that they can not find enough food to sustain them. Many alligators are dying of hunger. Yet technically they have the physical potential to last for centuries.

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Cats are super fast

Have you ever chased your cat in the house and just missed her on every corner? It is not because you are too slow. catsalso house races are great, Super fast. Most house breeds can sprint up to 30 miles per hour. Her athletic ability is often obscured by her tendency to find a sunny spot, curl up, and faint. However, they are faster than any human on Earth, including Usain Bolt,

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