Five reasons 80s kids had more fun than kids today

If you think of the '80s, you probably think of big hair and bad clothes. If you lived as a child in the 1980s, you know how happy you were to be a child during that decade. From roller skating in the basement to a rocky sky, 80s kids knew how to have fun. Danger? They laughed at the danger! More precisely, they did not even think about it. Do something of those 80's Blasts from the past Ring for you?

We go round and round

The common structure in local parks was the happy walk, a modern torture device that would make parents cry. This playground staple was a huge metal circle with handlebars. All children would bite and stay alive while the designated child would grab a bar and run. As he ran, the happy spin turned and the gymnast jumped in the air and landed with the others on top.

If you were lucky, you did not fly away. Boy, it was fun!

1000 great things

Cabbage patch

Owning a Cabbage patch kid in the 80s was like having an American Girl Doll today. These might look funny today, but collecting these dolls was the rage. They came with their own birth certificates and every Cabbage Patch Kid was unique. It was so exciting to open the box and look at the birth certificate to find out what your child's name was and what his date of birth was.


Neighbor Slip & Slide

On hot summer days, Mama pulled out the Slip & Slide, hooked the hose to it, and children spent hours making belly flaps on the floor, padded with a thin piece of plastic. It hurt, but that did not stop her from taking another turn! It was not long before the word got around and you got the slip & slide out, and all the neighbor kids were on your lawn for fun.

Rebel check

Rubik's cube

Do you remember this colorful cube? Rubik's cubes were 3D puzzles that were so popular in the Eighties that teachers had to banish them from classrooms. Getting a colored page was easy, getting two was exciting, and getting more was something you should fool your friends on!

Rubik's dice, like most other nostalgic toys, made a comeback. How many pages can you get?

Imperfect spirituality


Back in the 80s, when you wanted to find something children On a Friday or Saturday night you only had to look to the next arcade. Kids will bring their rooms into the arcade and spend hours trying to beat each other's scores Pac-Man Machine, just so they could put their initials and prove that they were the best!

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