For $ 2600 you can order an ultra-realistic mask to your liking

Do you love your pet so much that you want it? was your pet Well, you can not, but you can look like your pet, thanks to a Japanese service that performs some unusual operations.

"My family" is introduced

As much as we love all of our lovable companions, you probably know someone who always gets a bit too far. You know them. Those who treat their pets as real children, drive them around in pushchairs and build whole sets of furniture and wardrobes for their fur babies. For those who are either extremely obsessed with their pets or just laughing, there is the Japanese manufacturer "My Family".

Pet Mask


If you've been looking for a larger-than-life pet costume to carry with your pet, there's a solution now. Binding to furry beasts has officially reached a new level.

Superior craftsmanship

More work than you can ever imagine to make these incredibly accurate masks, and the craftsmanship is definitely top-notch as each mask is made by hand by those of Japanese Warehouse 91 in collaboration with Shindo Rika.


The first step in obtaining one of these animal masks is for pet owners to photograph the pet from any perspective. Once the photos are sent to "My Family", the artisans make a 3D shape of the pet's head that is completely detailed. Subsequently, a lifeless, flashing mask made of artificial fur and individual marking is prepared. The whole process is amusing, if a bit irritating.

How do I get your own

Would you like to know what it would be like to combine it with your favorite friend? Well, be prepared to spend about $ 2,600 for the venture.

Pet Mask

Picture about PR times

All jokes side by side, you have to admit that these masks are pretty neat. They also do not need to be replicated specifically for the face of a pet. For those who have none animals At home or the idea of ​​cloning animal faces in human size does not particularly like, there are other options to choose from.


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