Forget France, Memes Are The Real World Cup 2018 Winner

    If you were like almost everybody in the world, you were probably disappointed that Croatia could not finish its yearbook with the first place in the 2018 World Cup. Sure, France had a great team and all that and that youngest MVP player in the competition, Mbapp, even donated all of his profits from the tournament to charity – I think it's hard to get annoyed with the end result of the competition.

    And although everyone has played their hearts (except Egypt, I mean, they have returned to Saudi Arabia and the results were just embarrassing), there was a clear winner of this World Cup and it really was not even one of the teams. With

    There is a first, second, and third place, but all these achievements are in comparison to the wonderful memes that have come into being through this glorious tournament.

    More than a few were due to Brazil's Neymar.


    Even if you're not a football fan, you've probably seen the infamous Neymar role.

    Honestly, there is not much to parody what happens in the first part of this GIF, to be honest.


    But that did not stop people from chasing after the Brazilian star and toasted him for being "hurt" because of his overly dramatic reactions.

    Whether he travels the world …


    Or to teach people the right fire protection protocols, Neymar Jr. has our back.

    The roasting of his plays did not stop.


    Imagine if Neymar acted like he did on the field in real life?

    Dude would never play a single game.


    Somebody actually left and turned his role into a script.

    That's how this man in the field gesticulated and whirled around.


    Other sports have begun to roast him.


    As well as children who seem to find his over-diving hilarious.


    It was so bad that it became an internet challenge that everyone got into.

    Neymar Jr.'s theatricality was probably the highlight of the World Cup, but there were other quality memes as well.


    Many football fans were both surprised and pleased that Croatia reached the final. What made Nikola Kalinic the ultimate poetic justice.


    Kalinic History of "diva ism" came back to bite him in the back. Instead of being part of a crew that wrote history, he refused to play. He was sent home to watch his compatriots and teammates shock the world and play the final against France.


    Some people also made a good impression about the demographics of the French national team.


    This cartoon sums it up pretty well.

    Enough of the political discussion. One of the biggest stories of the World Cup was England's much better than expected performance in the games. Until the semi-finals and in a very close game against Croatia, inspired by England's early appearances, inspires great hope in the British fanbase.


    "It's Coming Home" became the call of English fans. So much so that the coach of the team, Southgate, even got this lovely suit to reflect that mood.


    It looked good for the English National Club …


    But soon, "It's coming home" turned into "you're going home."


    Thanks to Croatia's brilliant performance in the semifinals.


    Sure, the memes are a bit reckless …


    But hey, it's all fun, fans just piss.


    An English center-back Harry Maguire had this great photo of him casually talking to a fan, which led to this World Cup submememe.


    The savings he has to get from this trick are probably amazing.


    OK, only two more Neymar are really fast.


    Another big surprise was Spain's loss to Russia on penalties.

    Talent should Spain in the World Cup be strongest, which is why it was surprising that it did not reach the semifinals.


    Argentine football legend Diego Maradona followed his country's fight against the World Cup.


    Let's just say he's a little bit in it, too.


    Many did not believe it was him, but the Argentine marching powder succeeded in Russia.


    Some moments did not even have to be mimicked – just pointed out.


    Back to Argentina for a second – did you see the coach of the team?


    Some people thought he would appear as a reality TV star on a popular show …


    During the World Cup Final, a few fans (fully clothed) walked onto the field, but people noticed that they were not heard after that.


    And people have some ideas why.


    There has also been much talk about France's VAR-assisted penalty gift and the early goal that Griezmann scored in the final game.

    There were a lot of people who thought the French side's refs were a bit too nice.


    And it was sad that Croatia could not win the game.


    But at least Jack Jack had his moment at the games.

    It's okay, Jack-Jack, your country has done a wonderful job. And none of them even rolled 200 consecutive yards in a bid to take a penalty.

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