German factory spills chocolate on the street

Every chocolate fan wishes that he had the delicious chocolate in December in Westonnen, Germany. According to the fans of Roald Dahl, it was an accident, but the best possible Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. About a ton of chocolate poured from a factory and connected the street, which surprised everyone in sight. It was almost like a scene from Dahl's children's book.

Biggest chocolate stain

On Monday, December 10, chocolate poured out of the German three-master chocolate factory. The tank overflowed, sending a stream of chocolate from the factory and into the streets around the plant.

From the press

The chocolate solidified quickly and hardened on the street, creating a chocolate run in western Germany. "A ten-square-foot chocolate pancake has formed," said a spokesman for the Werl Fire Department. But nobody could eat this delicious mess.

Remove the chocolate

The road was closed for two hours and the firefighters had to remove the hardened chocolate with burnt burners and hot water. The chocolate was then thrown away in nearby storage areas.

Reuters / CNN

While the chocolate fans rejoiced at the mess, ThreeMeister boss Markus Luckey said if the output had been closer to Christmas, it would have been a "disaster" for the factory to lose so much chocolate.

A pure imagination

As news came out about the huge chocolate intoxication, it became a viral topic in social media. The fans quickly compared the overflow with the Chocolate River in the 1971 classic movie Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. Before the chocolate got hard in the street, it looked like a river. Unfortunately, you could not go by boat in this version.

@ Raider_JK / Twitter

The fans waited anxiously for Willy Wonka to appear and share chocolate with all Did he have golden tickets? What was the chaos of a company? pure imagination,


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