Get the most bang for your schnapps without taking a sip

Almost everyone enjoys a small drink from time to time, but even the teetotalers among you will find creative use for liquor. It's not necessary to throw a shot back to get the most out of the liquor bottles hanging around the house. Here are some helpful hooch hacks that you can use in a variety of everyday situations.

red wine

Do not throw away this old bottle of red wine. Use it as a marinade on red meat, or just tender your steaks with it. It even serves as a dye for dyeing Easter eggs, but they turn purple, not red. If you think that red wine is versatile, you will not believe what white wine can do.


Who needs lemon juice?

As for this left over bottle of white wine, it works in most recipes instead of lemon juice. If you run out of lemon juice, add the same amount of white wine instead. Mixed with white wine also results in a delicious salad sauce. Some reds are too heavy, but a nice dry white is perfect.


When the vanilla disappears

Many recipes are ruined because there is no vanilla in the house. Just grab your bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream or the leftover Frangelico. Both are acceptable substitutes for vanilla in a 1: 1 ratio. These are not the only liqueurs that can improve your food.


The vermouth trick

Would you like to make your chicken thigh or turkey breast look golden brown and appetizing? Take your chicken out of the oven 10-15 minutes before the end and then brush white vermouth over each piece. Vermouth is full of fortified sugar that will only caramelize to create a golden skin with lots of crunchy pieces.


Suspicious odors

vodka is probably the most versatile – if not magical – alcohol at your disposal. A foot bath is freed from stinky feet. A splash of it removes smells from clothing. In combination with water and detergent, it can even act as a windscreen wiper fluid.

What is the best alternative for a job? favorite liqueur?



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