Grandma Discovers Something About The ‘USA’ Shirt She’s Been Wearing For 25 July 4th Celebrations

Grandmother discovers something about the "USA" shirt she wears for celebrations on July 25th

Dressing up on special occasions is pretty good and nothing says PATRIOTIC GET-UP is better than rocking red, white and blue on the 4th of July.

T-shirts that rock the old stars and stripes, cheap wayfarer knock-off sunglasses, blue shorts, red sneakers, and a white star-blinded top – everyone can represent the US flag. Damn, even if you're from New York, there's a special USA article for you.


The iconic symbol of the American flag is instantly recognizable, and no July 4th celebration would be complete without drowning in a glorious sea of ​​red, white and blue, accompanied by a cool beer that your friends could throw in a cooler.

The thing is, however, that the colors red, white and blue are quite common. There are tons of countries on their flags. Look at France. Look at the UK. Stars, though not exactly a rarity, are a bit less common. So when you see stars, red, white, and blue on something, your mind automatically thinks of Murica.

That's what Dale Cheesman's grandma thought. She has been reworking the fourth quarter of a shirt for more than 25 years. Look how adorable she is in it.


However, thanks to the 2018 World Cup and the participation of a team, Panama, Dale and his family found something about Grandma's shirt.

She did not talk to Old Glory at all. Look at the Panamanian flag below and then back at Grandma's shirt.

That's right, every 4th of July, for more than 25 years, Grandma has proudly swung the flag of Panama.

Something Dale calls "25 years of betrayal."

People loved Dale's mail.

And answered at once by giving some Panama-approved Granny Nickname puns.

Well, it's getting crazy here: a proud Panamanian citizen has warned that on November 3rd, Panamanian Independence Day, he should tell his grandmother to rock his shirt.

Dale's birthday? November 3rd. BOOM.

Others wanted to know how grandmother managed to make a shirt of 25+ years look so damn good.

People greeted Grandma to visit Panama, probably because of how well she wore the shirt.

Others did not find it so funny. This is after all the 4th of July, and Grandma had the wrong flag.

On the other hand, she wore at least a jersey for a country that qualified for the World Cup and even won!

Sure it was the World Cup of Flags on Twitter, but what did they lose 6-1 against England? They have this award and a great grandma who will hopefully keep up the tradition like this 4th of July.

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