Grandma goes viral after releasing this pool cleaning hack

One of the best summer activities is relaxing with your family and friends around the pool. But you may have noticed that some pools never seem to be clean; they tend to have a green hue or are constantly covered with dead bugs and tree leaves. At that time, this Ohio grandmother invented a creative hack to clean her swimming pool. All we needed was a Mr. Clean magic eraser.

How does it work?

You probably have a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to remove mildew from your bathtub or kitchen sink. The sponge effortlessly removes any dirt and foam, almost like "magic". But you do not have to limit your magic eraser to your house.

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Actually, the sponge also works in your pool. All you have to do is put the sponge in the skimmer basket of your pool and watch the magic. It's a creative hack that has saved Lisa Pack hours of pool maintenance.

"No green in sight"

Pack, 49, loves having her grandchildren at home during the summer. She enjoys seeing her swim in the pool, but it is difficult to look after her. She spent 45 minutes every week cleaning and vacuuming the pool. However, with her magic eraser, she said goodbye to this exhausting work.

"My pool was never clear, it just does not stay clear for some reason," Pack says. This is another case with their new cleaning hack.

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"There is no green, no slime on the ground, no green in sight, it was incredible," she said.

Share your idea

Pack knew that others would struggle with cleaning their swimming pool. That's why she shared it cleaning Hack on Facebook, but she did not expect it to be a viral thread. Strangers around the world commented on the post and thanked Pack for their creative idea. The guy worked for everyone who tried it.

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So what are you waiting for? Try the new pool Cleaning Hack Today, and make sure everyone knows how well it worked.


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