Grandma's cheap home hack will keep you warm this winter

When it comes to staying warm, the grandmothers know a thing or two about how to save heating costs and stay in a comfortable place. First of all, grandmothers who experience cold winters in Alaska know how to prevent the heat from falling out the window on a budget. After reading this article, you should rethink the benefits of the bubble wrap.

Not just for popping

Children and adults love placing a piece of bubble wrap, but did you know you can use it to insulate your windows? A grandmother shows the Internet how to do it by gluing the bubble wrap to the windows of her house with a spray bottle and some elbow grease.

Winter home Hack

AlaskaGranny / YouTube

With the spray bottle she splashes some water on the window and the flat side of the bubble wrap. Then gently push the flat side of the bubble wrap against the window so that the entire surface is covered. Bubble wrap is a cost-effective and reusable material that gives the windows more privacy and does a fantastic job of insulating them. And when the winter is over, the bubble wrap dissolves easily and can be used again next year.

Turn up the heat

When winter breaks in and temperatures drop, it can be frustrating to live with windows that allow heat to escape. Normally, people consult AlaskanGranny on YouTube for advice on outdoor living. However, she knows how to survive cool weather and prevent warm air from escaping.

Winter home Hack

AlaskaGranny / YouTube

In addition to attaching bubble wrap to windows, it is advisable to operate a humidifier and use the fans to recirculate and push back warm air to stay warmer.

Winterizing your house

Now that you have realized the incredible power of the bubble wrap to increase the insulation and warmth of your windows, you should not forget other useful terms. Check if the insulation in your At home is sufficient before winter comes, seal off any cracks in the windows and make sure your stove is working.

Winter home Hack

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Consider the arrangement of your furniture so that nothing obstructs the ventilation openings or heaters reduced heating costs while you stay comfortable.


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