Grandpa visits a shelter every day and naps with cats

Terry Lauerman is not an average shelter volunteer. The 75-year-old Wisconsin man visits the Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary every day to clean the cats without a home. Then, after brushing the cats, Lauerman typically falls asleep. What follows is nothing short of enchanting.

Man on a mission

Although Lauerman is well-known at the shelter for his cat's nap, he did not visit the shelter with the intention of dozing. Elizabeth Feldhausen, founder of Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary, said that Lauerman brushed into the house only six months ago and was looking for cats to love.


"He just went in and started brushing," Feldhausen said. "Ultimately, we told him he was an official volunteer and that he completed our volunteer form."

The slumber and switch

During his daily visits, Lauerman stays in the sanctuary for about three hours. He'll take care of a cat for a while and then go dizzy. "[He sleeps for] about an hour, then he wakes up and changes the cat, "said Feldhausen.

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Lauerman likes to brush his cat-like friends. "He said, [the brushing is] For him, an experience as great as for her, "said Feldhausen.

A Sleepy Sanctuary Staple

How enchanting does Lauerman look when he sleeps with him? kittiesThe sanctuary decided to give it a call Facebook, "We are so happy to have someone like Terry," Feldhausen said in the post. "Terry just came in one day and introduced himself, he said he would like to pet cats."

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"At some point it was every day," continued Feldhausen. "He cleans all the cats and can tell you about all their likes and dislikes, he also accidentally falls asleep most days, we do not mind – cats need that! Terry is a wonderful volunteer."


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