Guy just wanted to buy a snack and became a multimillionaire

Stop at a local grocery store for a quick snack for your dog. They think that most of what comes from the short journey is that your dog day is made. The last thing you expect is that your life changes for the better – thanks to the decision to stop in a shop.

If this scenario seems unlikely, it is because it is so. It's exactly what happened to a lucky New Yorker.

Man stops to buy Slim Jim for dog

Dale Farrand, a 73-year-old man from Fort Edward, New York, recently purchased a Slim Jim for his dog Boots at a Cumberland Farms convenience store. While at the cashier, he decided to buy a $ 30 cash spectacular scratch card.

payment week

He got into his car and scratched the ticket, only to show that it was a $ 10 million ticket. Disbelieving what he saw, Farrand drove home immediately to let his wife confirm his winnings.

A reward of 10 million dollars

It was not too good to be true: Farrand was indeed a multi-millionaire. After the necessary back-up, Farrand was given a lump-sum settlement at the end of a $ 6.7 million payment.


Farrand said he wanted to spend the money to pay off his mortgage and make some improvements to his home. He also plans to use the money to help his family, including his children and grandchildren.

Life great after improvised purchase

It is a rare feel-good example of how happy even the most ignorant people can be. Thanks to a spontaneous decision to do something for his dog and get a chance to get a scratch ticket, Farrand's life is changed forever.


Not only was Farrand's life changed for the better. Now, as a direct result of his decision to get a little snack for him furry friendFarrand's wife and family will be able to mitigate their financial burden. And, fortunately for Boots, there will probably be a lot more Slim Jim in his Futures,


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