Guy took pictures of his girlfriend every day for a year and turned it into the perfect present

A man takes pictures of his girlfriend every day for a year and turns them into the perfect gift. It's hard to believe in romance in today's world when we can dismiss half of the datable population in one fell swoop on our cell phones. Are people really really meeting? Do you take it out? Do you do nice things for each other? It turns out that they do, you just have to investigate deeply to find out. Twitter user @magsster shared the incredibly romantic gesture of her bohemians on her anniversary. It's unclear if they've been together for only a year and he has a remarkable amount of foresight, or if he decided that this was the year for a secret photo book, but it's still incredibly cute. My friend took a picture of me. Only date we participated in last year. I did not know why, but for our anniversary, he gave me this book mags (@magsster) on June 19, 2018

She writes that she took a picture of her at each of her dates last year, then she had made a book with all her special moments: a year of food dates could be my memories, but it's a nice walk into the past of these two lovebirds.
They have burgers: What I suspect is a salad, but who knows, people have laid a ranch on everything: And a piece of cake for dessert: Even the most cynical Twitter users are taken by this gorgeous display: @ valerierunnion) 19. June 2018

That's the sweetest damn thing my dark assheart has ever seen – Steph (@StephanieSchall) June 20, 2018

Hannah Alexander Artwork (@HannahArtwork) June 21, 2018 Excuse me, who is this best friend and where can I find one?

Unfortunately, there are always haters who want to tell a lady what she did wrong: you need to get out of your cell phone these days. Chicago Spelled (@bigdinkel) June 20, 2018 Two of the three pictures staring at your phone and not at your friend.

Fortunately, she had the classic French fries protection: I caught a frying on June 20, 2018 in the first Lmao magazines (@magsster)

You always believed in love, girl! You deserve it.

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