Happy Story: These 5 Squirrel had & # 39; desperately involved & # 39; tails

From fairy tales to the forest, squirrels are seen as the sweetest and most playful forest animals. They are hysterical to watch, jump and jump through the trees. They even get a bit lost, especially when they drop acorns on cars and people during the fall harvest. It's scary to think of the five squirrels in this story who are entangled by their dicks!

What a mess!

We think of squirrels creating caves in trees. But many squirrels, like birds, collect twigs, leaves and grass to create their nests. They collect these materials and loosely weave them into a stable base. Then the inner sanctuary is lined with grass, moss, bark or pine needles.

Wisconsin Humane Society Facebook

Unfortunately, these mothers also used plastic strips in their nest for their Milwaukee squirrels, which led to a strong frenzy.

Not all heroes wear caps

The five squirrel siblings have certainly caused the riot in their misery as discovered by a caring person who immediately called the Wisconsin Humane Society. "You can imagine how shaky and unruly (and nippy!) That frightened, desperate ball of squirrel energy was," the Humane Society commented on a Facebook post.

Wisconsin Humane Society Facebook

They claimed it was a "Gordian knot" of tightly diced tails and nesting material … impossible to tell whose tail it was. "How terrible!

Free at last!

After carefully sedating the squirrel bundle, the workers carefully cut the knots of grass, plastic, and tails. It took about 20 minutes to get through the mess, paying particular attention not to damage any of the tails.


In an update released a week after the incident, the Humane Society said excitedly, "We're happy to announce all five squirrel are now very active and strong … we hope and expect that they will fully recover and be released in the wild. "Well done, Wisconsin Humane Society!


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