He lived alone in the forest for 27 years – but he never expected that

It is no small thing to survive in the wilderness, let alone 27 years! Well, that's exactly what Christopher Thomas Knight did. You may wonder how he was hiding for so long and what led to his recent capture by the police. Find out all the crazy details of this amazing story.

Away from the world

Christopher Thomas Knight grew up in Albion, Maine. Although he was educated regularly, he found it extremely difficult to connect with other people. So much so, that in 1986 he had run away from the world and decided to live completely isolated in the Maine forests. He did not tell his family or people about his job. He simply disappeared without knowing what he was doing or where he was going.

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Fighting to survive

With only a tent and a backpack, Christopher left his home and car for a life in the wild. However, he was not prepared for a life away from the world. He had no weapons to hunt for food. They survived by first eating berries, but these were a rare find. So he had to think of another plan to preserve his new lifestyle.


Survival Tactics

Christopher started breaking into nearby huts when the owners were gone. He started small and stole out of gardens to make it look like a wild animal. Then he began to enter the huts for food, drinks, blankets and even coats. He would wait until everyone was gone and steal only what he needed to survive, hoping not to get caught. He has managed to live this way for 27 years! But people eventually realized that items were missing and had the police involved.

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The ultimate setup

Since Christopher was near North Pond, Maine, the police and surrounding community began calling him "North Pond Hermit." The cops started to track down this guy and put an end to the small-scale stealing in their area. An officer, Sergeant Terry Hughes, had a sly plan to catch him. Sergeant Hughes led the nearby Pine Tree Summer Camp, a perfect place to meet the hermit of the North Pond. So the officer bought a lot of food for the kitchen, along with high-tech motion detectors and headlights. Sure enough, Christopher finally made a stop in the camp and was caught by the police.


Life after isolation

For almost three decades of petty crime, Christopher ended up being behind bars for seven months. He was also on probation for three years, meeting with a judge every week and participating in a program for people with mental health problems. Christopher He also had to pay $ 1,500 to each family he affected. After the prison, Christopher assimilated into society again. He managed to rejoin his familyand even got a steady job, thanks to his brother. No more hermit life for him.



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