He plans to propose 11 signs soon

Whether you've been together for a year or ten and suggest someone is a nerve-wracking and intense time. It also means that the time leading up to this suggestion could be a bit weird – here are some signs that your guy is leading to the big question.

1. He acted arbitrarily without reason nervous. If bae is a bit more nervous and out of his game than usual, do not assume the worst. He could lead to one of the biggest moments in both lives.

2. What you like in jewelry stores and ask for your taste. Yes, it could just be a bracelet to show you how much it means to you. Or it could be the diamond you dreamed of.

3. Your husband has taken control of planning a trip for both of you alone, while it's usually a collaborative effort between you two.

4. Or if people usually plan trips with friends or family, but he demands more time for this special occasion. Get ready for some photo shoots.


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