Heart warming photos of pets waiting for babies to enter the world

You never know how children will react when they find out that their parents are going to have a new baby. Will they be excited or feel excluded? On the other hand, many parents also have to ask themselves how their pets will adapt to the new change. However, these five pets are more than happy to take care of the mother while they wait for the baby to arrive.

So sleep

We're not sure if this cat was more excited to meet the new baby, or if she just liked the human pillow she could sleep on for the next few months. According to the Imgur user, the cat slept every night on the man's pregnant wife.

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Oh oh!

Oh oh! This cat has just discovered that a baby is in the belly of its owner. According to the Reddit user, his wife was eight months pregnant at the time of the photo and the cat noticed that the couple's daughter "wants to get out". Does that mean the woman's water broke or did the cat kick the baby? We will never know.

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Finally accept

Sometimes it takes a while for people to adapt to a big change. However, this cat waited until its owner was nine months pregnant to finally accept the pregnancy. At least the cat now had a comfortable place to sleep as everyone waited for the baby's arrival.

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Do not leave her side

Everyone knows that a dog is your best friend. That does not change when you are pregnant. This dog did not leave his owner's side when she was pregnant. He was always there for her when she wanted to cuddle or take a nap. Is not that the cutest picture you've ever seen?


Ready to go

First parents like to practice everything they can get. Sometimes they can even trap their pets. A reddit user shared a photo he took as his picture pregnant woman strapped hers dog in her car seat. The dog was not too happy to attend. Hopefully her baby was much happier!

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