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Hero Electrician rescues a stolen dog by calling Pup's name


A famous and popular dog was stolen on a beach in Florida. A hero electrician helped get him back. As? He recognized Jack Russell Terrier's missing person in a Facebook post and called the dog's name. The dog named Zeus ran directly from the thief into the electrician's car.

Doggie with special skills gets dog catch

Zeus was not just any dog. He was a member of a kiteboarding family, including Cameron Maramenides, Team USA Kiteboarding Member, who was scheduled to attend the 2020 Olympics. Cameron's father is also a world-renowned kiteboarder. The two are experts in water sports combining wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, surfing and paragliding.

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Somehow the two champions taught Zeus their skills. The puppy was famous for his exploits and was featured in magazines and videos. When the dog was missing, they suspected that he was not only lost but stolen.

Social media and luck help in the search for Zeus

Cameron was devastated and did everything to get his best friend back. For anyone with information that would save the dog, he spent $ 3,500. He has published the information wherever he could be read.

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Four days after the disappearance of the dog read the electrician Miguel Camacho the post on Facebook. He was in a park at the time. When he looked up from the post, he noticed that the dog was in a car near him.

A rescue and a reunion

Camacho immediately called the phone number Facebook posting and a worried Cameron answered. Camacho stayed on the phone and followed the vehicle as it came out of the park. Finally, the driver asked Camacho why he was following so closely. Camacho told him directly that he thought the dog had been stolen and that he had phoned the owner.

At Cameron's desperate urge, the electrician called the puppy's name. the dog immediately ran to him. An emotional reunion soon followed.

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Camacho was grateful to help, but was unaware of the reward. Nevertheless, he used it well. He used some of it for Christmas shopping for his children, and the balance went to their bank accounts.


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