Heroic Biker Saves Kittens During Highway Rush Hour

What would you do if you came across a small fur ball with big, innocent eyes sitting in the middle of a busy highway? Would you travel further and pray that the road is safe? Or would you do something about it? Thanks to this motorcyclist, this little kitten can live another day.

Should I stay or should I go?

When you drive on a busy street and emerge in a red light, of course you stop. For some people, it gives them a moment to bring their thoughts together. For other countdowns, the seconds until the light turns green.


"Jesus Christ, like him," complained to the biker as she waited for the red light to turn green. You can even hear them sigh in the video at the disappointment of the length of the red light. Little did she know that in a few minutes she would become an instant hero.

Dramatic rescue

The biker's complaint soon changed into a plea when she noticed that a four-legged furry baby was in the middle of the road. Stop the oncoming traffic After riding her bike in the middle of the road and standing a bit in a traffic jam, she bravely jumped off her bike after putting it in the park, and carefully lifted the kitten from the dangerous highway.


She then ran to the side of the road to a watching spectator and handed her the kitten. The viewer then said, "I do not know who she belongs to!" But he continued to console the frightened little animal. After the courageous heroine then ran back into the traffic to save her bike, she rode back to look for the poor kitten.

Just set it

After the video was released, the biker later said, "This is the original video, there have been a lot of people lately (like … a lot) who thought I had stolen this video from someone and uploaded it from Inside Edition. I'm sorry, that's the original … "

She also wanted to highlight an assumption in the video. "To make it clear again, the red car absolutely 100% did NOT throw the kitten out of the car, it's very hard to see in this video, but on my computer it's very clear skids came from under the car …" The biker even informed the public that the kitten turned out to be a man.

Deviating art

After such a traumatic experience, the little orange tabby will hopefully relax and rest in a quieter place. This story is just a reminder that not all Superheroes wear capes,

Watch the shattering salvation for you!


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