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Hilarious "college student" broke hacks, who are actually genius


College students are creative with easy ways to save money while living in a dorm. They may be broke and have to eat ramen noodles as their main meal, but at least they are giving their training to work with these amazingly ingenious hacks. Maybe you want to try it yourself.

Get milk?

Sometimes college students go down drastically to save money. This student decided to be creative and save a few extra dollars in milk by filling a whole gallon of fresh milk in the student's dining room. Hopefully no one caught her carrying gallons of free milk.

brendan1018 / Reddit

Sweep the floor

College students seem to order a lot of pizza, especially when they're studying for the final exams. So you always have extra pizza boxes in your kitchen. These boxes make perfect dustpans. They'll throw out the pizza boxes anyway, so you can use them as well.

aacaat / Reddit

Hand dryer as a microwave

Maybe you do not own a microwave or you are too lazy to set it up and use it. But this student considered it a clever, creative idea to use a hand dryer to warm up a dinner. Hopefully, the wind from the hand dryer did not blew the food throughout the student's work.

ouchchawlay / Reddit

Makeshift bowl

This student probably did not buy any bowls for his kitchen or was too lazy to get a bowl out of his kitchen cupboard. Instead, he decided to keep his popcorn in his hoodie while watching a movie. At least his food is always right in front of him.

MRum / Twitter

Skip the washing of dishes

Most college students hate it washing-up, For this reason, the student invented a brilliant hack to completely skip the dishes. Put a plastic wrap on a clean plate and stack your food on the packaging. After eating, all you have to do is remove the plastic wrap and throw it away. You have one more clean Plate!

ToeFungus / Reddit


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