Homeless dog could barely look at his rescuers

A homeless little black and white dog named Han Solo was recently seen in a neighborhood in Los Angeles next to a busy street. The neighbors were afraid he would be hit by a car. So they contacted Lisa Arturo and JoAnn Wiltz from Hope for Paws to help him. They came immediately.

A scared little doggie

Lisa and JoAnn found Han Solo hiding near a house in the neighborhood. He was so scared he could not even look them in the eyes. The couple fenced the area and slowly approached it. He had no place to go.


The rescuers tried to gain his trust, but he was so nervous. Eventually, they took a blanket and covered Han Solo so they could take him to safety.

Relocation of the homeless dog

As soon as they had the blanket over them, he seemed to feel a little better. So they picked him up, loaded him in the car and took him to their shelter. When they arrived, they searched for a chip, but he did not have one. This little guy had no one who could go home.


Lisa and JoAnn contacted their local PAL Shelter to find Han Solo in the nursing home. At that moment, his true personality began to emerge.

A friendly puppy who needs a house

As soon as he felt well, Han Solo ran fast with the other dogs. He let his be new foster family pet him and especially enjoyed her belly button. Han Solo proved to be very friendly and sweet.


Han Solo will one day be a great pet for the right family. Until then, he enjoys his life with his caregiver family and is grateful to be warm, fed and loved.

Want to see more about Han Solo & # 39; s rescue and how he does it? Watch the video


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