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Honeymoon couples ended up buying hotel in Sri Lanka


Drunk in love can lead to quite wild behavior, but sometimes happiness decides to bless a drunken moment with good luck. A London couple got to know the power of rum to drive business decisions after spending three weeks in Sri Lanka.

Bargain for honeymooners

Gina Lyons and Mark Lee were recently married in June. The couple decided to travel to Sri Lanka for a honeymoon in December. Now married couples are expecting a souvenir reminiscent of their travels. B. pictures of famous sights or market stalls.

Fox News

Gina and Mark became the new owners of the hotel they were in after a series of curious events.

Pouring decisions

The British bride and groom decided on a cozy, slightly rundown hotel in the beach town of Tangalle. Gina and Mark fell in love with the beautiful view of the water and the tree house atmosphere of the hotel. When the couple realized that the lease was due on the property, they could not help but learn more from the locals over drinks.

Cafe Delites

After 12 glasses of rum and a hangover in the morning, Gina and Mark learned that their offer of £ 30,000 was welcome. They sealed the beachwear business and prepared for the challenges and rewards of the hospitality industry.

Everything for love and happiness

Some people get drunk and send naughty lyrics, fight or flee on the flame tree. Gina and Mark made a life-changing decision that ended up being random rather than stupid. The love birds found out that Gina was pregnant, and worked especially hard to renovate the hotel and bring travelers closer.

The sundays

Today The Lucky Beach Tangalle is advertised as aim for Flashpacker, receives rave reviews from guests, a restaurant and trusted staff. It can be a balancing act running in the Sri Lankan hotel Manage careers Home in England, but the couple's drunken decisions are paying off.


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