Horse Dance When Serenaded with music from Fleetwood Mac

It's almost impossible to miss when a classic Fleetwood Mac song appears on the radio. Why should not horses come up with the fun? This great stallion could not help but dance when he sustains with one of his most famous tunes!

Stevie Nicks's strange obsession with horses

If there is an album cover more epic than Stevie Nicks & # 39; In Your Dreams, it has not been discovered yet. It shows Stevie and an elegant white horse spontaneously appearing in Stevie's backyard when she asked for such a gorgeous creature for her album. Basically, over-footballer Stevie gave her fifteen minutes of fame to this stunning horse. Why would not the whole species love her for it?

Fleetwood Mac News

Strange as it sounds, horses love to make almost as much music as humans. Studies have shown that they are soothed by classical music, that they are irritated by jazz and that they love country melodies. When it comes to Fleetwood Mac, the horses seem to bow to the voice of Stevie Nicks!

A curious horse entertained

A few weeks ago, cousins ​​Victoria Anderson-Gardner and Morningstar Derosier of Ontario, Canada were filming a documentary about Sundancer. Of course, along with incredible cultural groups, Canada is filled with extraordinary wildlife and adventurous pets. When they passed a curious horse, they could not help but stop to say hello.

@ Goforvictoria / Instagram

While none of the girls wanted to disturb the horse in their environment, both decided that it would be okay to play some of the creature's pieces. They decided to give the interested animal their car radio "Serenade". They decided to dub Fleetwood Mac's cult song "Dreams". They had no idea what the horse would be like once the song started!

Rock out with a literal party lion

As soon as Stevie's voice reached the massive ears of the horse, they began to bow their heads to the great melody. Victoria and Morningstar could hardly believe how fast the horse was being pumped. They turned up the music for the excited creature, which seemed to be getting more stuck in traffic with increasing volume. Fortunately, they captured the special moment on video to witness the whole world!

@ Goforvictoria / Twitter

The cousins ​​have uploaded the video on Twitter, and social media cheered the musically invested animal. Some argued that the horse was rubbing against the fence. Most, however, agreed that the creature has it easy excellent music taste! However, Victoria and Morningstar look forward to seeing the dancing horse on their documentary journey next year.


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