How This Quirky, 25-pound Internet Cat Became Famous

Bruno is not just a normal cat. He is a 25-pound ball of love who enjoys standing on his hind legs and receiving pets while he eats. Although Bruno is cute and quirky, he was still released for adoption. It was not long before Bruno's uniqueness took the internet by storm, and so he found his new mother.

Born a star

In April, Bruno Wright Way Rescue, a shelter in Morton, Illinois, was handed over. Giving up Bruno was not easy for his owners.

Facebook / Wright Way Rescue

"Bruno was transferred to Wright Way by his former owner in southern Illinois," said Jacoby Andrick, director of marketing and communications at Wright Way Rescue. "They had him since he was a kitten, but unfortunately he did not go very well with the kids in the house, it was a very difficult decision for them because he's such a special cat."

Get down with the fat

After a few posts on Wright Way Rescue's Facebook page, the Internet overruled the sensation of Bruno.


And who is not? Sometimes Bruno stands on his hind legs for more than 20 minutes. He is even known to sneak into cages of other cats in the shelter and to look for food. After becoming viral, Bruno caught the eye of a happy woman.

Mom who does the most

Lauren Paris, a singer and actress from Chicago, was chosen by Bruno (and Wright Way Rescue) as his new mother. Needless to say, Paris is excited. "[Lauren] Loved by everyone at Wright Way Rescue, we know that she will be a wonderful mother to Bruno, "said Andrick.

Facebook / Wright Way Rescue

However, Bruno's time as an internet star is not over. His new parents use it with an Instagram account, @theebrunobartlettand he already has more than 48,000 followers. Watch this video of Bruno's new mother and sing an original song about him before adoption.

Yes, Bruno has definitely found a mother who is as good as he is, if not more!


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