How to look younger without surgery – 8 facials

4. Fraxel
This futuristic technique incorporates a fractional laser that uses CO2 to fix any skin problem from sunspots to wrinkles. These are small microthermal zones (similar to pixels) when new skin grows and older, damaged layers are replaced. It is not uncommon to be swollen after the treatment, but the recovery time is only about a week and can take up to six months.

5. Titanium
Titanium is another laser method that uses light energy to promote collagen growth deep under the skin. It has been used by all to smooth fine lines and eliminate age spots, tightening facial, abdominal, leg and arm skin. The benefits can take three to six months, but immediate results are common. Ideal for those who want to avoid a long recovery or invasive options.

6. Fillers
Fillers also require injections, but not necessarily a toxin. The content of fillers can range from synthetic polymer microspheres to collagen having a base hyaluronic acid. With the right surgeon, the filler can reshape the nose or add fullness in the absence of volume.


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