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Hysterical librarians made people leave – quietly


Librarians are often referred to as boring, quiet and even makeup. That's a lot of nonsense. They are surrounded by the funniest books ever written. Librarians know where it is, and their humor is surprisingly unexpected because of their reputation. Do not believe it Read on. They will end up laughing in the stomach.

To judge a book by its cover

Often people come to librarians looking for books. You do not know the author, the title, the theme, but damn it, they remember exactly the color of the cover! Well, those clever librarians finally found the solution to this problem. Do you think such a display would help you?

sidshembekar / Reddit

Baby, it's cold outside

It's probably hard to lure people into the library. A small city library decided to leave passers-by a cheeky message that showed their sense of humor. Nor can you argue with the logic of the sign. Nothing in the world is so bad as long as you have to read a book, right?


Velociraptor Free

Do you know what librarians hate? Velociraptor attacks. Are not you the worst? A library felt the need to celebrate their status as a safe space without Velociraptor. The funny character is also something of a history lesson. You have to give props to the librarian who has managed to count on this situation.


Fake news

Leave it to the city libraries to keep us all in line. In a world where alternative facts are often valued about the truth, a library has agreed to "say it." entertaining proposal.

Hatfield Library / Twitter

The instructions of the doctor

Every library that quotes Doctor Who is a winner. It's just that in the course of its humor, this library also shared a quote that shows the vital importance of Books, Bruises fade. Cuts cuts. However, a written on paper diss lasts forever. After all, the pen is more powerful than the sword.



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