Identical sisters married identical brothers and the pictures are extraordinary

While many are close to their siblings, there is no connection as strong as between twins. They grow on the sides and testify to everything that the other accomplishes. This is especially true for identical siblings who share almost everything with their colleagues! And for those special pairs of identical twins, nothing less than a fairytale wedding was in question!

Brittany and Briana's inseparability

Since the birth of Brittany and Briana, the two are inextricably linked. The duo spent their whole lives in their connection to each other! They often wore the same clothes and made double dates as they grew up. The gorgeous couple has even helped shape and work together! It was not always easy for the beautiful blond sisters to find love.

The Deane twins

Navigating dating as a twin

"It's hard when you're with someone and they do not understand the twin relationship," Brittany said. She said that dating "singletons" was a challenge for her and Briana in the past. It seemed that the only solution was to find a pair of twins to fall in love with. Fortunately, at the Twins Day Festival 2017, the girls fell head over heels in a pretty duo!

The Deane twins

Joshua and Jeremy's fantasy come true

Joshua and Jeremy Salyers had prepared for a pair of perfect twins whom they could fall in love with for a long time. They even had a pact not to marry if they could not! However, they were recorded with Brittany and Briana when the gorgeous girls approached them. And after a few months of blissful dating, it was soon clear that the four were to spend their lives together!

Briana Deane

Keeping their extraordinary bond

Jeremy suggested Briana and Joshua suggested Brittany with spectacular identical rings. The sisters, who had been planning a wedding since childhood, did not hesitate to say yes! Briana described her love story as a "fairytale," and they all endeavored to marry and begin their lives together. They remained faithful to what they valued most, and their wedding was brilliant two themes!

Kimberly Pestalozzi / Inside Edition

"Twice at a time": a unique wedding

The couple was married at the Twins Day Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio in 2018 – by no twin minister! Nevertheless, this "twice in a row" wedding was only the beginning of their common future. The four plan to stay together, live in the same house and educate their children side by side. Your over-unique relationship will certainly make a fantastic bedtime story!

Nicole Anaejionu / TLC


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