Incredibly funny woman who recreates celebrity instagrams

Australian comedian Celeste Barber has taken Instagram by storm. Their hilarious replicas of celebrity photos surpass the original versions each time. Barber makes fun of absurdly unrealistic celebrity contributions by recreating their own. With props, costumes and often her husband and friends she has created some amazing interpretations. Her hysterical recordings are even better than the famous originals.

It's all about timing

In this hilarious shoot Barber Gisele Bundchen reflects her hair in the sea. With the headline "It's all about timing," Barber makes a pained face as she turns her hair in slow motion. Although Gisele looks a little more graceful in the sunset, one can not beat that expression.


Pairing call preparation

Barber's captions could be even funnier than her photos. In this page, Ciara Mascara uses the bathroom. With her title "Mating Call Prep", Barber recreates Ciara's photo as if preparing for a date. We all made this face when applying mascara. Nailed it.


How she celebrates two million followers

When Barber wanted to celebrate that she had two million followers on Instagram, her choice of photo and caption was just right. Barber writes, "When I thought about how I was celebrating two million followers, I realized that I had to get in the fridge in high heels, a blonde wig and 26,733 filters were the obvious choice, it's so crazy that mine boo #nickiminaj had the same idea SNAP! "



With her title "Perspective" Barber wins again Instagram subtitles. Model Karlie Kloss stands in a drained pool while Barber stands in her bathtub. If it's not ridiculous enough to stand in a drained pool or bath with clothes, her expression is everything.


If you can not let go of summer

Barber Fun Pokes on Model / Actress, Rosie Huntington Whiteleywhile she casually stays in a poolside dress. In her version, Barber wears a thick wool turtleneck with the inscription "If you can not let go summer". Well, Celeste, we can not let go of this picture.



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