Indonesian teen survives 49 days at sea on fishing shack

An Indonesian teenager was stranded at sea for 49 days and was able to save himself before he was rescued!

Lost at sea

18-year-old Aldi Novel Adilang has been working on tongongs or small wooden fish traps on the sea since he was 16 years old. The young man was recently assigned to light lamps in one of these small huts every night to attract fish. The owner of this Rompong would send someone to pick up the fish every week and provide Aldi with food and fuel for a week.

The sun

As Aldi tore the floating hut near Indonesia's North Sulawesi into the sea by strong winds, things took a turn … with Aldi on it. The winds were so strong that the hut swam thousands of miles from the coast. The little rompong had neither engine nor oars, so there was nothing Aldi could do other than pray for salvation and stay alive.

Fighting to survive

Trapped on the boat during his time, Aldi used the cooking gas to cook fish he caught. As soon as the gas went out, he had to use wood from the fisherman's hut to make a fire to cook the caught fish. He was also forced to sip the seawater he had collected from his clothes. Aldi would do what he had to do to stay alive.

The sun

As he moved from Indonesia to Guam, Aldi tried to catch the attention of the passing merchant ships. However, nobody noticed him. In fact, more than 10 ships sailed past without seeing him.

A wonderful rescue

Finally, after 49 days at sea, Aldi was discovered. A crew aboard the MV Arpeggio Panama discovered him and was able to save him. Although tired, the boy had made it alive.


The crew brought Aldi to Japan, where he was given the special permit "because of a disaster". He received a medical examination before being taken home to his worried family in Indonesia. "His boss told my husband he was missing" his mother, Net Kahiking, shared. "So we just surrendered to God and kept praying." Fortunately, after all that he has suffered, this boy has returned home. What a unbelieveable story from to survive!


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