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Instagram vending machine pop-up near L.A.


We now live in one word, where you can buy Instagram pendants from a vending machine. The new Instagram vending machine, which has been released at various locations in downtown Los Angeles, has provided a physical medium to our social media-driven world. But behind the eye-catching devices and their unusual content is a deeper message.

documentary action

Instagram vending machines were originally launched as a marketing action and sell a variety of articles for the social media generation. In most gifts, there are gags that mock the culture, and some products can actually buy Instagram hunger.

trend Hunter

At a time when social media addiction is so prevalent on sites like Instagram and Facebook, it can seem like a joke. But the message behind it is much deeper.

Genius marketing idea

The new documentary, Social Animals, is the reason why such machines have been set up. While they attract a wide range of visitors from tourists to everyday people, few know exactly what they want to say.

The sun

The documentary, which aims to explore the obsession of social media, was rated positively in early screenings. Director Jonathan Ignatius Green hopes to show how sites like Instagram have created a culture of narcissism and self-obsession with their hobbies and other people's responses.

bringing light into the darkness

While the Instagram vending machine can be considered a marketing campaign, the proceeds of the purchases will benefit a good cause. All profits made will be donated to different groups that help with social media addiction and cyberbullying.

Hey mum

Even if you feel comfortable with these machines and what they mean to you, you can not deny the underlying problem. By creating awareness, which has become a serious topic of obsession Cyber-bullyingthe machine and it is parent Documentary hope to start a debate about the pitfalls of social media.


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