It Took A Master Sculptor 7 Years To Create Marble Masterpiece

Recently, Internet users discovered a treasure that anyone who’s ever visited the Cappella Sansevera chapel in Naples, Italy, has known about for a long time. The chapel, home to scores of stunning works of art, housed a particularly unforgettable masterpiece. From the first glance at the sculpture, it wasn’t hard to understand why people were so awed by it.

Symbolism For The Ages

Viewers found it impossible to take in every detail of Il Disinganno at once. The enormous sculpture, created by Francesco Queirolo, an artist who hailed from Genoese, featured intense, meaningful symbolism from top to bottom. Also known as Disillusion, or Release from Deception, the work of art depicted a man trapped in an elaborate, intricate net, trying to break through his bonds with the help of an angel.


A Net Of Sin

The netting represented one of the most captivating symbols of the sculpture. Queirolo used it as a depiction of sin, which explained the main character’s desire to get free. Rumor had it that the sculpture had to burnish the marble himself. His craftsmen flat out refused to do the job because they were fearful of damaging the delicate, exquisitely sculpted netting. Folks empathized with that on a deeply personal level.


The Light Of Human Intellect

The winged angel proved to be an attention-grabbing detail. Denizens of the web were intrigued by the small spirit, wings all aflutter, with a tiny flame alight on his forehead. The little angel represented human intellect. Regarding the sculpted scene, his job was not only to help the man free himself from sin but also to point out the danger of worldly passions, symbolized by the globe he points to beneath his feet.


The Good Book

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed that the book resting on the globe was the Bible. It, too, played an essential role in the sculpture’s symbolism. In this case, it not only represented the sacred text, which the man needs to free himself from sin, but also stood out as one of Masonry’s great lights. That made it meaningful to Queirolo, as well.


Allegory Through Bas Relief

Even the bas relief chiseled into the sculpture had a vital meaning. It shared the store of Jesus performing miracles. Specifically, it told the tale of Jesus helping the blind to see. Its inclusion added another layer to the sculpted story. Without belief and faith, the man couldn’t free himself from the clingy netting of sin.



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