Kindergartner Adorably ‘Snitches’ On His Dad After He Ran A Red Light

    I grew up with a fairly narrow cultural / religious background, which meant that many vices were off the table while my siblings and I were approaching.

    There was no going out to party, no drinking, no smoking, no dating with boys or girls and no inconvenience to other families with your presence overhearing someone at home.

    As my siblings and I grew older and our parents saw that we were reasonably able to take care of ourselves, they seemed less and less worried about their religious choices and did not pretend that their lives were over because they discovered one of them Their children were in a jug or occasionally had a wet evening.

    But there is a rule in my family that can never be broken, and it is that snorting is never tolerated. From child or adult.

    I remember my mother, the sweetest woman in the world, who had the coldest, most unfeeling look in her eyes when I told her that I was thinking of telling the teacher that this kid was doing elementary school nonsense. She made it very clear to me that I would not do something like that.


    As far as pretty much everyone in my family knows – pricks get stings and end up in trenches. If there is a problem between you and your friends or your neighbors and the inner community, you will not run to the cops and involve them in the drama – you will take care of it yourself.

    And do not even let me down on trifles like calling the police if your neighbors decide to appear on a week and keep you and your children from spending a restful night.

    Therefore, I do not know if I should laugh or gasp as the 6-year-old Robert responded to his father who lit a red light.

    That's right, that adorable little guy was so horrified that his own father had the gall to make a red light, that he took the phone and did what he had to do: Call the police and sniff his own father ,

    The Massachussetts Quincy Police Department has taken the call and loved it so much that they posted it on their Facebook and YouTube pages.

    Here's what the little Tattle story said.

    "My dad passed a red light, it was in the brand new car – my mom's car, we had to go to the car wash and then we passed the red light."

    If you wonder why this boy has such a strong affinity with the police that he is ready to call the police on his own father, he dreams of becoming a police officer when he grows up.

    Robbie even told his father, Mike Richardson, that he would do it, a threat his father did not take seriously.

    "He said he would call 911. I just blew it off a bit, you know, he's 6 years old." Richardson told CNN,

    Robbie's mother, Joleen McDonald, was the one who got the call from the police and told her that her son was a downcast, dirty heretic.

    "We cooked on the grill and Robbie went in and not even five minutes later, came out with the phone and said," Someone called, "she said.

    Dispatcher Mike Bowes called Robbie's parents home and laughed the whole situation.

    Richardson immediately apologized that his son was wasting time, but Bowes said he was glad to receive a call of this nature, especially given the other types of calls his team routinely receives.

    McDonald says she witnessed her son 911 when he was 911 when he saw a particularly sad newscast with him on TV about a boy who called 911 when his sister choked.

    "I saw the news and I saw a kid named 911 because his sister was choking, so I told Robbie 911 and I had him write on a sheet of paper in case something ever happened. "

    Ultimate, McDonald is proud of her son's reputation. Because the little man did not believe he was doing the right thing, and who could blame him for that?

    "He thought he was doing the right thing, it brings a little humor to the world, we need it nowadays."

    Still does not change the fact that he is a snitch.

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