Lake Michigan frozen and look like it's splintering

In February 2019, the Midwest experienced a bizarre winter vortex with polar vortexes. The temperatures in Chicago (Illinois) reached -23 ° F. the Freeze Temperatures caused ice shelves to form on Lake Michigan, but now the spring season is starting. Moving the water under the ice pushed the leaves to the surface and broke them into intriguing patterns. It's like a work of art.

Break the ice

Chicago experienced one of the coldest winters of recent years. It should come as no surprise that Lake Michigan freezes due to the low temperatures. But in March 2019 it was finally warm weather and everyone in Windy City was relieved that spring was here and hopefully it would stay.

Zoe Galland

The warm weather destroyed the ice and transformed the lake into a unique region of ice shards. Warm, moving water under the ice pushed the leaves to the surface and shattered them into unique, dazzling patterns.

Natural works of art

The ice patterns almost looked like an artist crushing the ice along Lake Michigan and selecting the patterns by hand. The ice shards worked so well, but that's nature. Even the best artist in the world could not replicate this masterpiece on the lake.

AP Images

To experience the unique visual element, visitors traveled to the best location on South Haven Pier in Michigan. They did not want to miss the chance to photograph the ice shards. They could not get enough of the fascinating patterns. But the US Coast Guard warned that the spectacle is beautiful, but dangerous.

It is still ice

The US Coast Guard warned that the ice should only be viewed from a safe distance. "No ice is safe, especially at this time of year," US said. BMC Grant Heffner, Coast Guard. "The ice certainly worsens and breaks."

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The next time you see a frozen one light or pond, be careful. Always stay with a friend and do not step on broken ice. No photo is worth risking one Life,


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