Librarian's Brutally Honest Review by Children's Book

Sometimes the work bores you and you are looking for something that will help you pass the time. An Imgur user, Kaitlin, recently did that while working on her first bookstore. She took a children's book and found it hilarious – so weird that she did would have to share their thoughts in social media. She did not expect someone else to love her comment.

Just another boring day

It was a typical day for Kaitlin, a young librarian. She worked at the desk, but she did not have much to do. Then she took up a children's book, A hungry lion or a dwindling selection of animals, and she started to read it. She did not expect it to be so funny.

KatieRe09 about Imgur

"I was extremely bored, so I opened one of the children's books that had been checked in and started reading it," she said. "I thought it was hilarious, so I started repeating my reactions to it."

Create funny comments

Kaitlin criticized the book and commented everything from the facial expressions of the characters to discussions of important action holes. Of course, she commented as an adult reader when the book was intended for children, but her reactions are still funny.

KatieRe09 about Imgur

But although her reactions are humorous, Kaitlin has not beat up children's books. In fact, it's just the opposite.

"Anything can happen in a children's book, and that child will accept it no matter how far away from the wall," she commented.

An expert commentator

Kaitlin has published 20 children's books Snapchat and Imgur, To their surprise, the thread became an instant hit with other users.

"I was surprised that people really thought I was funny and wanted more, my friends asked me to do more and asked for it, I was pretty flat," she said.

KatieRe09 about Imgur

Everyone likes a little humor. Have the comment ready!


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