Like a US message "Cookie Monster Cat"

Imagine receiving an email invitation to join a cat pajama party. No, we're not kidding. This really happened when the American embassy in Australia inadvertently sent out an invitation to a cat pajama party with biscuits. Since then, the email has become a viral story. What exactly happened?

The first e-mail

"You are welcome to attend a wonderful party filled with biscuits and cats in pajamas." Imagine that you receive this e-mail invitation. What would be your first reaction? If you are a cat lover, you may be excited. But it's getting better. The e-mail sent by the American Embassy in Australia even contained a special treat.

Best photo ever

The email probably contains the best photo ever: a cat lying in a blue costume of blue biscuit monster on a couch. The cat held a plate of chocolate biscuits in his hand. This would appeal to anyone who loves cats, the biscuit monster, a pajama party, and chocolate biscuits. But as it turned out, everything was a mistake.

State Department

Accidentally press "Send"

The American embassy did not intend to send this party invitation to hundreds of e-mail users. It was a training mistake made by different people who tested the Embassy's new e-mail newsletter platform. But they made a mistake and accidentally sent the e-mail. Oops!

@bilalkhtak via Imgur

sorry for the mistake

Two days after the mistake, the United States Gavin Sundwall, Mission Public Affairs Officer, sent an apology via e-mail. "I am sorry to disappoint those of you who were hoping to attend this" Cat Pajama Jam Party ", but such an event falls far beyond our field of expertise," Sundwall said.

But that does not mean that people did not talk about it on social media.


Go viral

Hundreds of Twitter users shared the photo of the "Cookie Monster Cat"They decided to have their own little party Social media, Although the American ambassador's party was unintentional, social media users still had fun. They made a mistake into a happy event. We will have a cookie to eat.

@cmdrsue via Twitter


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