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Magician puts on show for dogs and reaction is priceless


Performing magic tricks on animals makes an unusual reaction impossible. They might get a shock and consternation, maybe even sadness, when they realize what they thought there really was not. For a magician in New York City, this reaction of dogs housed in an animal shelter could help educate those who want to adopt a furry friend.

Work and play

The magician John Stessel loves dogs as well as magic. While he loved to fill people with his magic shows with joy, he decided to appeal to another audience by playing tricks at a dog center in Hampstead New York.


Accompanied by John Bliss and TBS, Stessel went to a local shelter to give a show to Man's best friend. "I've always loved the idea of ​​using dogs," he said in an interview. "Playing for her was just incredible."

Magic hands

In a video posted by TBS, John is in an empty room performing magic tricks with the dogs. All live in the shelter and are currently looking for a loving owner who brings them home.

Heart's radio

Stessel can be seen in the Santa hat, doing a vanishing treat with the dogs and getting the sweetest reactions possible. While some dogs look at him shocked and confused, one rolls on his back and begs for the treat and laughs through the room.

The final act

While the idea of ​​treating promising dogs and then disappearing may seem cruel, there is no need to worry. After doing the tricks, each dog was provided with lots of snacks and love from John.

Very good health

"They just wanted to be loved," Stessel told Dodo. "Each one of them will be perfect to find his own home forever." John hopes his magic will help him reach his final aim, every dog ​​in one loving home,


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