Man buys rare Baby Ruth baseball card for $ 2

Everyone has an obsession. Some of us spend money on collectibles, like Dale Bell of Visalia, California, who picked up Baseball Cards his whole life. But in January 2019 he found a rare baseball card of the legendary Babe Ruth. At first, he assumed it was a fake until he realized it was the real deal.

Lifelong fan

Ball is a fan of baseball as long as he can remember. While he loved the sport, he liked to collect every baseball card he could find. As an adult, he has learned to keep the cards in such a way that they are always in perfect condition. He also knew how to spot a fake card.


His best find so far

In January 2019, Ball searched for his next find in a pawnshop in Sparks, Nevada. He found a rare baseball card from Babe Ruth and Ball wondered if it really was. The shopkeeper even said it was fake and said, "I can not find it anywhere on the internet, I think it's a fake." But Ball still bought the ticket – for a whopping $ 2.


It feels authentic

After Ball left the pawn shop, he checked the baseball card in the sunlight. He said, "I look at this map and feel how this paper appears, so no remakes are made." He spent the next five days researching the map, eventually asking for the 1921 label of the Shotwell Company. No one had seen a map like this.


Talk to the expert

Ball talked to an ancient expert, who later confirmed that the card was real. The card was already certified by the company Heidelberg, which printed baseball cards from 1890 to the 1930s. All Ball had to do was assess how much it was worth in 2019, and he was shocked at the number.


The "rarest Ruth"

Ball has classified the baseball card as "Rarest Ruth" and is now worth millions of dollars. The baseball fan is currently on the map and offers a starting bid of $ 2 million. But he is not sure if he will sell it or not, or maybe he will give it to the best baseball baseball found inside Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

The newspaper "Sun Gazette"


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