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Man in the right place at the right time saves dog


The best friend of man always gets into trouble. Sometimes they are shoes that are not theirs. Sometimes they pretend they are not spooling toilet paper all over the house. Sometimes it drops off at 100 feet. Balcony. While dogs do not have nine lives, they can certainly get second chances when in trouble.

Mel The Shih Tzu

Mel, the Shih Tzu, is from Ribeirao Preto, Sao Paolo is the dog that cut things too close and was in trouble. She wondered about her owner's balcony and fell 100 yards, which would have been to her death. The entire incident, including his rescue, was recorded on CCTV.

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Who was your idle stranger? Joao Augusto He entered the building where the owner lived and noticed that Mel would fall from the balcony.

Save mel

Augusto was not frozen at the moment of the crisis. Instead, he knew there was not enough time to do anything but intervene. He called to her owner to give him a hand so that he could better save her when he quickly took action.

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"Then she fell from the ninth floor, knowing I could not catch her, but I knew I could cushion the fall," Augusto said.

Mel's future

Even without the blanket, he did his best to blow up the Shih Tzu. August remembered the incident: "I was on the ground for a few seconds, but it was a relief, I think I was in the right place at the right time, I did my best to help, it was one happy end, "

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Mel's owner, who asked for identification, installed a mesh net on the balcony to prevent it Futures Incidents. Most importantly, Mel was not harmed and could cause further problems in the future.


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