Man messes with Facebook scammer.


    As a father of two, I am constantly worried about "spoiling" my children. I do not want to discipline my toddler when he is hanging on the wall or not listening to his mother, but sometimes I have to stop pretending to be a lion T-Rex and let him know that he needs to change his behavior.

    And although it is easy to develop cheaper co-parent shamer and get up on my high horse to talk about how much better my child behaves than you (some examples, it's true), some parents simply hate being the villain. Or worse, they are helicopter parents.

    When your kids start running around and destroying another person's house, throwing toys / food everywhere, bullying other little sweethearts who just want to have fun, and then pulling two-week-old baby hair while she sleeps. Maybe you want hers Butt sit and get dirty. Otherwise, you open someone who thinks there are no consequences for the garbage behavior.

    And how these teachers and caregivers from Reddit recently revealed Ask Reddit PostThere are tons of children who were terrible because of them Parents the bad decisions about education, Whether children ever have things done for themselves or think their children are the bees – knees – no matter what others say – these stories of child abuse are just sad.

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