Man transforms this cabin $ 100 into his dream retirement cabin

Retired financial security is becoming scarcer on a daily basis. Because of this, many people are unable to make their retirement dreams come true. One man, however, was determined to have everything. With a little help from family and friends, he was able to do a miracle. Now he will live his retirement the way he wants to be in the $ 100 home of his dreams.

A backwoods dream

Richard Aiken had always dreamed of retiring in the wild. The self-proclaimed Hillbilly was successful and had two PhDs and a degree in medicine. He even wrote his own book. He worried, however, about his financial ability to buy his dream home. It all changed when a friend went out to help.

Richard Aiken

A loan hand

His friend had plenty of land in Missouri and offered to give him a piece of it for free. Richard insisted on paying $ 100. It seemed like a theft at the time, but the cottage on the property was in ruins. With the help of his family, he began to transform it. It took ten years and there were some difficulties along the way.

Richard Aiken

A few setbacks

The first setback was the land itself. It was so uneven that the cabin had to be lifted off the ground. Then the project took too long. His children were tired of helping him and his wife did not want to throw away any money. Richard, however, could hold out. He finally created a nice home.

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An amazing result

The result of ten years of hard work and investment is amazing. You would not know that this beautiful cabin was once a disaster. It is earthy and warm and still offers plenty of space to live. There is no doubt that it will be a great place to retire. There is another amazing achievement that Richard has been able to achieve on the property.

Richard Aiken

A big surprise

After his children had noticed a little Water tableRichard hired a few bulldozers. What they dug up was a beautiful little lake. The dock was built on the edge. This property really highlights the property. his Mrs and he will be able to enjoy the hard-earned prospect for the rest of their lives.

Richard Aiken


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