Man was working under construction even after winning the jackpot

This construction worker in Staten Island, New York recently won millions in the lottery, but continued to keep his jackpot a secret. Now he reveals the truth about becoming a multimillionaire overnight and why he stayed silent for a while.

Rolls in the dough

Last summer, Nandlall Mangal bought a $ 6 ticket for the latest PowerBall drawing during the shopping. He knew the jackpot was worth millions and decided to try his luck. After getting the ticket, he dropped it off at home and drove to Maryland.

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"The ticket was sitting on my kitchen table for a week because I was out of town," Nandlall reveals. "I checked the website when I came back and was surprised that I won the jackpot!" While most people had given up their job, Nandlall had a different plan.

Work smarter

After verifying that the numbers on the ticket matched the winning numbers, the man locked the ticket in a safe. Nandlall did not tell anyone about the big win, not even his family. He worked on his job for weeks, even weeks, until he could figure out what to do.

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The man finally sought a lawyer to decide how to proceed. Nandlall chose to claim the profits through a trust. He collected the funds in a one-time lump sum, which amounted to the holdings to $ 99,321,975. No bad payout!

Planning for the future

Nandlall recently came out publicly and announced that he had actually won the lottery. So his employees discovered the truth. However, since he remained silent for a while, this man could find out what he wanted to do with the money.

Through his trust, The Sea & Sand TrustNandlall plans to use the money to relax and enjoy his life. He also wants to use some of the profits to make a little travel, "I've always wanted to go to Hawaii," he said in an interview.


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